Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's up?

Well, I've been off the grid for a li'l while now...  hanging around, trying to get into a groove now that Jon & N are back in school.  I've also been just purely enjoying the cooler weather (yes, even the rain).

Painting by Rosemary Ladd

I've also been gearing up to create, create, create!  What do you see here?  I see...  a whole lot of work, a TON of potential, and some signs of a hoarding illness (spray paint, anyone?)

The kitchen sink... and the forest that grows there.  It's not even at capacity yet!

Sadly, that is the surface of the pop-out.  It wasn't in great shape when we bought the house 8 years ago, and all those years of plants and subsequent water spill have taken their toll.  Enter this: 

I was looking for backsplash tile (for the kitchen), and just bumbled onto these recycled glass cuties.  Clearance, 99 cents per sheet... hard to beat!  They're dry fit into the space already, just to cover the ugly, but placing the thin set and grout is going to be a bear!  Access to the behind-sink area is not good!                                      

Oho! Goodwill stems to the rescue again.  My Thanksgiving/harvest table will be much enriched by these babies!  I'll be walking you through some simple crafting with these.

If you know me at all, you'll be surprised that this even made it into my house.  Primitive is beautiful, but sooo not my thing.  However, it was just what I wanted, and it will be hung with pride when I have had my evil way with it!

I don't even know what this is, but I know what it's gonna be!  I've been itching to make a super-trendy craft, and this is just the stuff to get me there.  Hopefully it's not real wool, or I'll be itching for real!

Look at that poor bedraggled thing!  Yes, summer is over, but I can't just let it die, can I?  CAN I?  No, not so much.

Um, this is most of my spray paint.  No, not all, and I couldn't pile the regular cans with any kind of order, so you don't even get to see those.

This, this is going to be such a huge help to me, once I make it beautiful (the desk, not the Big Kid's funky orange ottoman, but isn't that cool, too?).

This poor thing has been collecting dust and harboring spiders in the basement for almost a year.  She was all of 45 cents, and I knew the girls would need another nightstand, but she just got forgotten.  Well, forgotten no more!  I've already made marked progress with her, so expect a walk-thru very soon.

Last but not least... this is for me.  I couldn't even say what the main appeal is, but there was no way she wasn't coming home with me. I could immediately see what I will do to make her over, and she will sit in our redone living room, which currently exists only in my mind.  Hubs has been advised that if she "mysteriously disappears" in the way that some other potential pieces did early this summer, there will be pain for him.  I think he believed me, as he should!

And that, my people, is what I have in the works, along with a bunch of other crazy brewing ideas, as always!  What do you think?  See anything that piques your interest?  I hope so, and hope to see you back soon!



P.S.   There’s a little girl who goes to my kids' school who is very ill with an E.coli-related illness.  It's scary to hear how easily something so basic as a little infection can turn deadly, and we're all praying with all our hearts that she makes a full recovery and can get back to the playground soon.  If you're praying folk, please add Laura to your list, and any and all positive energy you wanna send her way would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS!

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