Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

First of all, this is courtesy of my brother and his wife, who emailed it to me.  
The link is to a series of “cartoons” by the same artist, MIKE LUCKOVICH relating to the original attack and today’s anniversary.

This, of course, was just done today.  A beautiful song that will now always make me think of millions of people coming together to remember and commemorate what was lost.

So, where were you?  What have you learned in 10 years, about yourself, our nation, and humanity?  Share with us, because that is how learning happens.

Love to all,


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~KS said...

I was getting ready for work- and I had a radio shower. I heard something that I didn't quite understand but the tone in the the voices I heard made me know this was something big. I quickly got out of the shower and went downstairs. Someone had left the Today show on and I walked down just as the 2nd plane flew into the tower. I remember not being able to move or do anything and I just sunk into the couch. I eventually called my dad because I just wanted to hear his voice. The rest of the day was numb. Surreal. I will never ever forget that day.