Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up/School Shopping for $10!

That’s what I spent at the Thrift this Wonderful Wednesday.  In truth, it was another disappointing day, as far as finding re-do potential.  Historically, Wednesday morning is half off time for furniture, home decor, frames and storage as well as strange odds and ends that often find their way home with me.  When they run the sale, anything $9.99 or under, and oftentimes $19.91 and under, plus electronics (lamps!) are half off of marked price.  Yesterday, however, there was NO furniture sale!  

Really.  It deserves an exclamation mark.  Really!  Maybe even a few - NO sale!!!  You have to remember that we wait in line for this... it’s like an event, a competitive sport!  It was sad, when we realized what was going on, right up until it wasn’t, because some strange woman threw a tantrum about it. Ha!  
(Now, I should clarify: there are a lot of strange people who are Weds. regulars.  I mean, I’m one of the more normal ones, and we all know I’m nuts.)  
This woman was a newbie, a never-before-seen.  While we were all regrouping about they way to approach full-price thrift (horrors!), this chica was chewing out my Rosa, who heads up the furniture area, and is the most friendly little lady you’ll ever meet.  She is also Latino, with not very much English, which works fine when you’re not b----ing at her in fast-speak, trying to get your way. 

It seems this customer had found a sofa that she liked, on a Tuesday scouting mission.  
No, not actually this one.  It WAS ugly, though!

Someone had mentioned to her the Wednesday morning sale tradition, so she sent her husband (minion?) over to the store early, to hold her place in line, and was able to walk up in front of the 15-20 or so others (not me;  I was there early) that were able to wait in person.   
I know, I digress.  I hate line jumpers.
When she found out that “her” sofa wan’t going to be half price, she was not impressed.  She yelled at Rosa.  She yelled at another long time employee, who tried to explain (in better English) that “hearing that there might be a sale” didn’t constitute false advertising.  She wanted to talk to the manager.  It was further explained to her that the sofa in question, at $149.99, wouldn’t have met the criteria for the sale anyway.  Still, she argued, and wanted an exception made.  I was a little concerned that it might actually happen, just to make her go away; it did NOT happen, and she said that she “would never come back”.  Yay!  That’s a win-win!  
Now, folks, I’m cheap.  Like cheap cheap.  Sometimes I catch myself waffling over a $2 item, waiting for it to go on sale.  That’s bad, I know.  And the Thrift supports a home for unwed mothers, which is a cause that sits pretty close to my heart.  So I should be more generous, and not so “frugal”, when I can.  That’s partly why I try to get more people to shop there, even though it means more competition for the best goodies.  :)  What I’m saying is that even though I’m cheap, I think it was super tacky to try to bully her way to a $75 discount.  Sheesh!  
Another digression... I totally disagree with stealing (yes, I said it.  Stealing!) great handfuls of paint and flooring samples from DIY stores to make crafts that you can tout as free.  All craft, renovation and repurposing materials are free if you just steal them!  The stores pay for them, and you or I might need them when we’re making an actual purchase from that store.  Please find another way to play.
Wow!  Off the soapbox for Tami!  Wanna know what I found for my ten bucks?  How about:

2 of them, $1.91 each

Love me some argyle - and it's back in a fierce way this fall!

Children's Place... someone donated a lot!

I'm a sucker for this schoolgirl look... and N loves knee socks with it.

Levi flares, more Children's Place, Gap & Kohl's
Arizona flares, Faded Glory shirt

Gap flares - love that cuff detail!

Detail of the "schoolgirl" skirt - corduroy with a bubble hem.  Sooo cute!

OshKosh leggings for Li'l T, and just a cute hat.  There can never be too many hats.

These are just for me.  :)   69 cents for the trio!
So, OK!  That's all of it.  I think I got a good start on N's school shopping.  That girl, she is growing like a weed!  Maybe she'll finish before long pants are necessary, so I can be sure that what I've got are long enough.  :)

Love to all,



Dumb (but comfortable)

It was one of those stir-crazy days.  I just wanted to get out and do something, so I grabbed my purse & keys, shaggged the kids to the car, called my Mum with a warning we were stopping to pick her up, and headed for the door.  Last stop was slipping on my slacker shoes, and out the door I went.
We went to several stores, ran all over town, and I was thinking how wonderful it was to be able to wear something other than flip flops again (since I broke my toe in June).  My favorite slacker shoes (Skechers) had been a little narrow for my sensitive tootsies, but even with all that shopping, all was well.  Yay!
Or, Boo!  'Cause this is what I was wearing.  All. Day.
The shoe on the left is a man's shoe.  The pair is mine, but since it's a mens' cut, it's wider... hence the comfort on my owie foot.  Classic.
Other than my mother, I don't think anyone noticed.  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wrap, wrap, wrap... wrap it up

It has been a fairly productive day here in the crazy house.  Poor Sake had waaaay too much energy this morning (note to my fairy godmother: we need to fence the yard), so we started our activities at the area dog park.  Thank goodness for this place, because otherwise puppy would only get to really run when Daddy is home - he rides his 10 speed full out so she can stretch her legs.
Look at this place...
Outagamie County Dog Park - North Park
This is just one of three areas that the dogs can run, play and socialize in during the warm weather.  Gorgeous!  When snow arrives, we’ll check out the fourth and final unknown... the winter-specific area.  Really, it’s awesome, so if you’re local check it out, and if you’re an animal lover who just happens to be rolling in cash, they survive on donations, no additional funding at all.  Just sayin’  ;)
After the doggy exercise, we went shopping!  Actual retail shopping, and I found both the perfect wedding gift and a toy for myself that I suspect will factor heavily in some later posts.  Yay!  I’m just a little excited :)
Why is it that even when the kids are behaving, having all three of them with me in a store is so freakin’ stressful?!?  A big Thank You! to my mom, who kept them at her place when it turned out that the only location to still have one of the “Perfect Wedding Gift” was at the mall.  I WILL NOT take my children to the mall.  God help me when they’re teenagers...  We got lunch from a mission-supporting, fund-raising brat fry, and went home to get the girls down for the naps that I they so desperately needed. 
Ah, naptime.  The delicious quiet, the potential to get grown-up things done...  yeah, I fell asleep.  Only for a couple of minutes, though, I promise!  When I jerked awake on the couch, I had only one thing on my mind, and it was this:

What the...???       Exhibit #1
(backstory)  Months ago, I picked up this lamp from Goodwill.  

It keeps reverting to its side!  Sorry!
It will be the perfect reading light, and it’s very sturdy.  All it needed was a nice shade, right?  Uh huh.  Problem:  the shade fitting was threaded.  I’m a small-town girl; I had no idea that such things existed.  Thank goodness for Google, which taught me about UNO fittings for lampshades, blah, blah, blah.

Basically, this little treasure needed a special type of shade that did NOT fit into the crazy house budget.  Enter Ebay, and an UNO lampshade frame for $11 (see exhibit #1).  I was tickled, and had all kinds of good ideas about how I could make it really cool.  
Did I mention that this was all months ago?
Yesterday, during a cleaning fit (don’t worry, I’ve recovered nicely), I found my big spool of jute.  I knew I had one, but it’s been misplaced for some time (months, maybe?).   Anyway, I woke from my nap, saw that pathetic frame hanging from the lamp that had never even been plugged in, and remembered the jute.  In the last minutes of blissful stillness, I got to work.  

I also found a marathon of Gilmore Girls on the SOAP channel, so that was a win-win.  I still want to be Lorelei.

The procedure is simple - tie a square knot to whatever inside joint is available, and walk the jute over to the first of the six wires that make up the frames panels.  

Wrap the jute over and around the first wire, under and around the second, over and around the third, etc. until you get to the sixth, where you have to go against the pattern and go OVER, in order to get the lovely woven effect for most of the panels. 

If the frame you want to use has an odd number of wires, there’s no need or reason to deviate from the over, under pattern.  With an even number, you’re going to end up with 5 “woven” panels and one with nice, straight lines.  It’s a subtle difference, and unless you’re looking closely at the shade, it’s not going to be noticeable.  I turned my “odd” panel to the wall, as I’m one of those freaks of nature who would notice, and be bothered by it daily.

To finish the bottom edge, I simply chose to wrap the thicker wire with the jute I had left.  The difficult part about that was getting the unwinding spool between the wire, and the wrapping I had already completed.  My solution was to push the wrapped material as far toward the top as possible, which looked horrible and scared me that I had ruined the whole thing.  After each section's bottom frame was complete, I adjusted the upper sections back into place to reassure myself that things were ok.  They always were.  Whew!
There you have it!  A hand-worked lampshade for cheap - the lamp, shade and jute all together were less than $20.  I love the texture it'll bring to the room (which room?  I can't decide yet).  AND I got some bonding time in with all my peeps in Stars Hollow!  

It was a good day, my friends!  Hope it was wonderful for y'all as well...

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thinkin' Thursday

Thinkin' Thursday (on the lighter side...)

Thought of the day from a witty, wary woman full of wisdom:

The Great Sarah Silverman

If you don’t have enough   regret in your life,
try   cutting bangs.”

That's it for me today.  Busy cleaning and organizing kids crap junk stuff all day... 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Underwhelming Wednesday

Do you know what today is?  Do you???  Well, when I woke up, I thought it was Wonderful Wednesday, which would be a great day to break back into the blogging game.  However, after I waited in line dropped in at the Thrift Shoppe 

this morning, there was just so little thrifty goodness!  I know you have all been there, when you have your hopes up and are geared to make some great find, and then ppthsst, the air just goes right out of you.  

It’s not like there’s a ton of stuff I need, but I wanted to find a piece to make over, as it’s been a long, dry, not-creative summer.  After my wonderful hubby made an involuntary donation of some of my to-be-done pieces (yeah, grrrrrr), I have both the space and the inclination to make something purday.

Instead, I guess I can catch you up on a couple of things around this crazy house.  Check out this nonsense... this is the Porch of Peril!  

March 2011

Actual space to sit and chat, eat, and maybe have a cocktail or two!  The big green lump is the salon chair that has no official place, but I may have come up with a long-term home for that bad boy!

Oh yeah. The scariest room in the house - the laundry/clothes storage room.  I’ll keep y’all up to speed if there’s any actual progress on that front.  :)

This lovely thing is going to be our new kitchen table.  

Hunter green be gone, and blonde wood as well.  (The mirrors & picture frames are on my list)  I have high hopes for this table, as it seems like I’ll never have a real dining room, at least in this house.  Once the table is done, there will be some serious lobbying for some cohesive chairs... I am feeling pretty done with the whole bachelor pad/starter home vibe.  I’m 41, people!  Let my house grow up!

Hey, a couple of side notes...

Happy Birthday, Mom!  
1945 was a good year!

And, do you remember this little girl?
March 2011

Not so little anymore, although still as cute.
June 2011

Now, folks, I need to be off.  Have a great day, and I'll be back at you tomorrow.