Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dumb (but comfortable)

It was one of those stir-crazy days.  I just wanted to get out and do something, so I grabbed my purse & keys, shaggged the kids to the car, called my Mum with a warning we were stopping to pick her up, and headed for the door.  Last stop was slipping on my slacker shoes, and out the door I went.
We went to several stores, ran all over town, and I was thinking how wonderful it was to be able to wear something other than flip flops again (since I broke my toe in June).  My favorite slacker shoes (Skechers) had been a little narrow for my sensitive tootsies, but even with all that shopping, all was well.  Yay!
Or, Boo!  'Cause this is what I was wearing.  All. Day.
The shoe on the left is a man's shoe.  The pair is mine, but since it's a mens' cut, it's wider... hence the comfort on my owie foot.  Classic.
Other than my mother, I don't think anyone noticed.  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway!

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Lynnette said...

Hahahaha--that rocks!!