Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Underwhelming Wednesday

Do you know what today is?  Do you???  Well, when I woke up, I thought it was Wonderful Wednesday, which would be a great day to break back into the blogging game.  However, after I waited in line dropped in at the Thrift Shoppe 

this morning, there was just so little thrifty goodness!  I know you have all been there, when you have your hopes up and are geared to make some great find, and then ppthsst, the air just goes right out of you.  

It’s not like there’s a ton of stuff I need, but I wanted to find a piece to make over, as it’s been a long, dry, not-creative summer.  After my wonderful hubby made an involuntary donation of some of my to-be-done pieces (yeah, grrrrrr), I have both the space and the inclination to make something purday.

Instead, I guess I can catch you up on a couple of things around this crazy house.  Check out this nonsense... this is the Porch of Peril!  

March 2011

Actual space to sit and chat, eat, and maybe have a cocktail or two!  The big green lump is the salon chair that has no official place, but I may have come up with a long-term home for that bad boy!

Oh yeah. The scariest room in the house - the laundry/clothes storage room.  I’ll keep y’all up to speed if there’s any actual progress on that front.  :)

This lovely thing is going to be our new kitchen table.  

Hunter green be gone, and blonde wood as well.  (The mirrors & picture frames are on my list)  I have high hopes for this table, as it seems like I’ll never have a real dining room, at least in this house.  Once the table is done, there will be some serious lobbying for some cohesive chairs... I am feeling pretty done with the whole bachelor pad/starter home vibe.  I’m 41, people!  Let my house grow up!

Hey, a couple of side notes...

Happy Birthday, Mom!  
1945 was a good year!

And, do you remember this little girl?
March 2011

Not so little anymore, although still as cute.
June 2011

Now, folks, I need to be off.  Have a great day, and I'll be back at you tomorrow.

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