Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sightly Sanity Savers

Sightly Sanity Savers

What a beautiful day today was!  No, not the dismal 42 degree “spring” weather, 
Booo! to the cruddy clouds, stinky sprinkles, and wicked wind.  :(
but just how the day went.  It could have been a disaster, since there is so much I need/want to get done that requires time outside (in the garden, yard, and to-do crafty pile).  Instead, some things that I have been putting off just fell into place.  First, I got a package from my beloved Smashbox.  In it was a “Try-it” kit, with travel sized versions of their best stuff, 
Great deal... and awesome stuff!
plus because of my PrettyPoints membership, I got a full sized gift of their “Tint”,

which can be used on cheeks and lips.  I got the shade called Tint, and it’s a gorgeous glowy peach.  I also got 3 other free samples... I am going to be so ready for my next trip!

Whenever I get new makeup, I get re-inspired to spend time on my appearance (duh).  I just don’t normally take the time, and it’s sad.  There’s rarely an “occasion” that requires me to look good, and D is possibly THEE least judgmental guy ever.  
I have to admit, I take that for granted.  Shame on me!
So anyway, as I’m putting on my new stuff and liking how it’s coming together, an email is being delivered to my mailbox.  You remember that I’m cheap, right?  But that I really, really like the nice stuff? And being pampered?  Well, my favorite local Aveda salon, Indira

Locations in Appleton, Green Bay, Chicago and Park Ridge, IL

has this service they call Cyberdeals.  Each morning, they look over the schedules of their stylists, and if there’s a schedulable gap, it’s put into a members-only email and sent out to entice us.  The cool part is, there’s always a nice incentive.  I’ve been watching pretty close, because I had the worst mid-40’s soccer-mom hair going on, and I don’t feel like that, so I shouldn’t have to look like that, right?  I spend a good amount of time looking through books like these, too...

I guess it's time to get the 2011 version, huh?

Yes, I could’ve cut it myself, and I have, many times, but I’ve spent too much time growing it to a reasonable length to risk messing it up.  Besides, I can’t massage my own head, neck and hands the way they do  :).  

When I read today’s deals, I was excited to see a free brow wax/shaping with a haircut, and was on the phone to book the appointment before I even checked about someone to watch Li’l T.  Long story short... I got the deal, had a wonderful experience and left looking and feeling great.  If you’re in the Appleton or Green Bay area and haven’t tried Indira yet, leave me a comment and I will send you a referral form that will get you $20 ($20!) off of your first service.  If you’re willing to take my word for it, please ask for Kristy Vargo... who dealt with my extremely thick, heavy and stick-straight hair and turned it into this...

It’s hard to get a good pic, but it’s so light and it moves so well.  Even wet, it fell right into a beautiful shape, and if it hadn't been misting this afternoon as I tried to complete my chores, it would look even better.  Honestly, this service would have been worth paying full price (and that’s almost painful for a cheapskate like me to admit!).

Next up is begging my friend Liz to spice up the color with some high and low lights. Ms. Liz works at an awesome place called B. Gee's, whose tagline is "Not Yo' Mamma's Salon".  I dunno, I'm someone's mamma, and I love them...  :)
Click here to check them out!

There's some real talent there, and they take appointments online.  If you're a more edgy type, try out Liz and her crew.  Tell Liz I sent you (she's my girl!).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Besides getting some of my depleted self-esteem back, I also found this.

Not too impressive, right?  D had to pretend to be interested when I came home with it all excited.  I swear it actually called to me off of it's display at Walmart this afternoon, and I sat down and played with it right there in the store.  See, it's not just a box.  It stacks...

and stacks again.

All three layers come as a unit, and the little blue handles on the side are plenty secure to keep them all together.  I only got one today ($9.99, people!  Saaawweeeet!), but I have a feeling that one will find its way into my cart at every opportunity until some of my never-ending paper and craft clutter is contained.

So that's it, then.  Some time for myself, getting good and pampered, and the prospect of some simplified organization, and an inkling of sanity is restored.  Not much, mind you - this is the crazy house after all!

I'm counting on tomorrow being the one day this week that the forecasters know what they're talking about... they're saying 60's and sunshine.  I NEED THAT!  Hopefully there will be much progress to show off (or at least that I score big at the Thrift!).  Everyone have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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