Sunday, March 6, 2011

May or May Not

I haven’t talked about make-up or beauty stuff here yet.  Since I’ve been out of school and home full time, my focus has been mostly on family, home, and hearth.  ** Oh, and there will be an announcement regarding _______ soon...
I am ashamed to say that I don’t dress very nicely when at home (sanding, puttying, glueing and painting are NOT tidy activities!), and I certainly don’t do my hair and makeup for school drop-off or pick-up on a regular basis.  However, that doesn’t mean that I am any less obsessed with what is cute, new, and beautiful!  Such as:
Hello, Katie!  $5.99 for Kate Spade?  Ok!

You should see my pile of fashion and beauty mags every month; my school gets them all to make collages out of :)
These are just from March...
I have to tell you, my husband is an amazing guy.  Like, Redbook “Husband Hottie of the Year” amazing - at least in my eyes.  And since our anniversary is in days, and Valentine’s Day was in the recent past, I’m feeling pretty sappy about that man.  Pretty grateful for him, too.  What I’m not feeling is pretty... well, pretty!  And as I may or may not have mentioned, D is a pilot.  Who spends lots of time with Flight Attendants.  Who may or may not be pretty and/or single.  Hubby does not have a wandering eye, and I trust him implicitly, but who doesn’t enjoy a pretty face?
{Did I ever mention that I met D when I was a Flight Attendant?  No?  Well, he may have been led to expect that I would be thin, blonde and bouncy forever in those early days :)  Three kids and a stay-at-home lifestyle later, I may or may not meet those criteria these days!}
Long story shortened up:  I need to spend more time and attention on ME, so that D can be as excited to see me as I am to see him, and proud to have me by his side.  So- I was pretty excited to find this in my inbox this morning...
Gorgeous?  Could they really mean me???

I absolutely ADORE Smashbox.  In almost every other aspect of my life, I am cheaper than cheap, but I will pony up for the good stuff, and this is it.  I have terrible skin, but if I apply this stuff right, I can fake a (nearly) perfect complexion.  Since I know my weaknesses, I take advantage of every discount I can find, including this one.

Click here to register for FREE!

If you watch the sales, you can build up all the basics fairly painlessly, and have a full kit in no time.  The money you spend converts to points, which can be used as cash on future purchases.  They always ship free, and you get a nice sized sample with every order.  If you join Pretty Points, you get an EXTRA sample with each order; you also (BONUS!) get a birthday gift, which I had forgotten, but am now so excited to receive!

Smashbox also posts great instructional videos for makeup application - I used them a lot when we were starting to apply on models, and they're very easy to follow.  All in all, I hope you have a chance to look at and learn from the site, and if you're a beauty junkie, like me, give the Pretty Points a shot.

Now, I have one more super value for you.  Have you heard about Fresh Home magazine?

This is their mission statement:

A fresh new take on home and lifestyle

Create. Personalize. Share.

freshHOME opens the door for today’s new design-it-yourself audience: the confident iDesigner who’s in control, creative and designing her world, her way. freshHOME inspires her to express her personal style in every part of her life, from decorating and design to food, entertaining, wellness, travel and beauty. 

4 issues a year, and I've found a wonderful deal on them...  $4.39 a year!  

Note:  I am in NO WAY affiliated with Smashbox  or Fresh Home Magazine.  I just really enjoy them both, and truly love a great deal.  I hope you enjoy!

Have a beautiful (wink, wink) week!


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