Friday, March 4, 2011

Goal Setting

Planning and Goal Setting

The weekend is almost here - and D is home for it!  This is exciting and calming at the same time, because I’m thrilled every day he’s home with us, and his presence makes a  huge difference in the way the kids interact over the 48 hours that they are “forced” to be in close quarters.  It’s sometimes difficult to wrangle them into being good when the ratio is 3:1.  3:2 is MUCH better!  Mostly everything is better when hubby is home :)
Now, what can I tell you about today?  I guess it’s time to look again at my wish/dream/priority list.  What are my goals for the short term, and longer?  For brevity’s sake, I’ll only look at home based & crafting 
goals :)

1) The bathroom:  

Uggh.  I HATE this room!

Please make it go away...
The much awaited vanity should arrive about the 15th of March.  That means that before then, I have to make some decisions about wall tile, and start purchasing all the components we need to transform that horrid little room.  I also have to prep the nasty plaster walls, which have been diagnosed with calcimine issues.  Anyone out there ever had to deal with calcimine?  It stinks (no, not literally), and more than doubles the time needed to get some fresh color up.  If I do it right, though, the issue shouldn’t rear it’s ugly head ever again. I found the best information about it at iVillage GardenWeb.

2) The dungeon basement/laundry area:  

I'll be replacing this useless "hanging lines" this weekend.  Hooray for that!

Yes, that is, in fact, MORE laundry waiting to be sorted.  :(

You can tell that this is the craft and salon area, right?  Right???
Since we opted to keep N in her main-floor room, we need to move the bulk of the toys, as well as the kids’ TV, out of her room so that it can be just hers.  Easy peasy, except that the “family” area in the basement needs significant help before we set the beasties free down there.  
That is what used to be a Monopoly game, in the lower left corner.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, the laundry area really, really, really, REALLY needs an overhaul, from the ceiling down.  I just know that I could be so much more productive if I had a better area (that I didn’t loathe being in)!
So really, just the 2 big things... JUST! The whole basement, and the bathroom makeover.  I should be plenty busy!
Now, for the fun stuff...
I love ruffles.  I love them on my clothes, on my furnishings, on my girls...  D, on the other hand, not so much.  Still, I love. love. LOVE these ruffled lamps, and I’m gonna make them.  Yes, I am.  What I will do with them when they’re done is a very good question, but the joy is in the creation, right?

Tooo cute!  I just have to find the right fabric.

I found the PERFECT lamp today, and I have been hoarding the shade for weeks...

Trying this one in cornflower blue.  We'll see...
I also wanna try this ruffled scarf, although not in wool as shown.  I am SOOO sensitive to wool; I depend on my scarves to keep my jacket’s wool collar from touching my skin lest I start scratching and breaking out.

I would also like her hair, please!

Now, tell me what plans YOU are making - big or little.  If I put mine up, I figure I'm held accountable if I don't get them done.

I may just take the weekend to get a good start on these, so have a good one!


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Allison said...

Ooh, do you knit? I am knitting impaired, but I do love to crochet.

You've inspired to me to focus on my goals...