Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chores to do, and hints of things to come

Sew, sew, sew my chores...
I have some sewing to do today.  The fabric on N’s bed is only that - fabric.  It will be a duvet cover, but right now it is purely ornamental, to tie the colors together for the reveal.  
Bright and beautiful, just like N.

I also need to address the lack of window coverings.  Li’l T and I hit up Joann’s Fabrics this morning and found  some uber-bright organza that will be just the thing. 
AND there's glitter in it.  Win/win!

I also found this fabric (WallyWorld, baby!) to cover a square cork board.
Sequin type sparkles...  it's a 6 year old's dream!

That’s a no-sew, but it’s still on my list for today.  But...
The obstacle was that my sewing machine had some really serious issues that I was unprepared to fix.  (I am NOT mechanically inclined, as my hubby likes to point out at every opportunity!)  I started looking for a replacement, as I suspect the cost of repair will be roughly the amount I paid for it to begin with.  As I looked, I began to covet extra features, more this, more that, until the models I wanted were WAY unrealistic as far as cost.  {Truly, what I wouldn't give to have a monogram-type embroiderer...  ((sigh))}
Then it happened!  This past Wednesday, I was (go figure) thrifting with my Mom, and we found this.
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...   :)

It’s the exact model I had, everything is intact, and it works like a dream!  It even has the book with it (I lost mine eons ago).  Didja see that price? $25! Gotta love the Thrift.  Now if anything would go wrong, I have spare parts from the broken one, and I am set to get some things done!
Bonus... my birthday is in 2 weeks, so Mom bought it FOR me!  Best, most useful gift ever, right?  I was so excited I almost cried.  Sometimes things are just what you need them to be  :)

Sew anyway, today should bring a feeling of accomplishment to the Crazy House.  If I can, I'll put up some pics.  
I also have an entirely separate story to tell, which should happen on my "break".  Wish me luck...

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