Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Sleepy Sunday

It’s been a couple of action-packed days at the Crazy House.  First came the whirlwind of completing Natalia’s bedroom in time for the reveal on Friday evening, then dinner with the grandparents (and a special visit from my oldest boy, all the way from Indiana!).  
It's been a Crazy week, but it's all for this smiling face.
Saturday brought the party at the Y, which went way better than I had any right to expect, but Holy Cats! am I beat today!  N is beyond happy that her friends all came to play with her, and of course with all the gifts that came her way.  : )
Let’s start with the room -


And After:

I am so happy with the result, even if not everything got totally done in time. I can’t believe I got sick at such a cruddy time...  crunch time, you know?  It seemed like everything had to get done at once, and of course, that’s when I felt the roughest.  Thank goodness it faded in the nick of time!

First, I purged.  The big overstuffed chair, gone.  The old oak glider, gone.  Raunchy super-cheap rugs that should probably have been incinerated, gone!  The “extra” TV, almost gone.  Gotta Craigslist that puppy, since GW and the Thrift won’t accept it as a donation.  Hey, maybe I’ll make a few bucks!  At least it’s out of her room, although now it’s cluttering up the living room. Now, she has actual free space!
I brought in the vanity/desk that I got over 2 months ago for her, and was so excited to install the beautiful crystal (looking) drawer pulls that will dress it up and tie into the room...  of course, they don’t fit.  

I’ll putty in the original holes and paint over them, then drill in the correctly spaced ones so it can be pretty.  Plus, I’ll be stenciling on some polka dots to liven it up a bit.  I wanted to go with a damask print, but that wouldn’t have gone with the groovy, young vibe of the place.  There will also be a cushy, girly desk chair, but it didn’t get ordered in time.  My bad.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is so sad, but I truly cannot come up with anything else today - pics aren't cooperating, and I am getting crabby!  There's so much more I WANT to share, but I guess it'll wait 'til tomorrow.  I PROMISE I'll do better then!

'Til tomorrow, take this with you...

What I wouldn't give for it to truly be spring!  Wisconsin's winter doesn't seem to want to give up...


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Allison said...

It looks fantastic, I bet she LOVES it!