Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Back!

So, it may have been a while since I posted... 2 and a half years! So many things have changed since that first post- which was just an attempt to find an outlet and maybe meet some new people. Obviously I wasn't feeling it then, since I was in no hurry to come right back!

Now, though, with all that's happened in the interim, my interests have changed, and I spend so much time reading and learning from blogs that I've decided to give it another go. First, a summary of my "down time"...

When last we spoke, I was an in-home daycare provider. When all of my charges went into school full time, I decided to go back to one of the most fun jobs EVER~ bridal consultant at a family owned, managed and truly family centric business~ The Bridal Event, in Appleton, WI.

On and off, I worked there for 8 years, and I love those folks like family. Many times I joked that I would buy them out when it was time, and just indulge my wedding obsession forever! I might have stayed there indefinitely, if some old interests hadn't started rearing their heads again, and then a very generous gift was offered (a gift I couldn't refuse!).

At the bridal salon, my job was to work closely with the brides to help them find their gowns and attendants' attire, but I also fielded questions daily about hair, makeup and accessories to complement the look and feel that they desired for their big day. It got so that I spent a fair amount of time researching beauty trends and showing makeshift updos and makeup tricks to "my" girls each day. When my (absolutely phenomenal) mother-in-law offered to finance whatever schooling I wanted to pursue, I took the chance to go to cosmetology school, so that someday I CAN indulge my fantasy of a beauty/style/image centered bridal salon. Maybe I'll try to partner with my ladies from the Bridal Event, maybe I'll have to start out on my own, but in the meantime, I will have to pay my dues in the industry.

School took a year, during which time I learned absolutely everything I could, from anyone willing to teach me. As much as I got from the standard curriculum, I also got from additional classes in aesthetics, skincare, and even a bit of massage and reflexology. I also got a free youth update by virtue of my much younger classmates (I turned 40 during school, and most of my classmates weren't even 21! Yes, I had a child OLDER than most of them...) Altogether, it was a really eye-opening education. :)

I graduated first in my class, with a ton of regular clients and what is considered a good "following" almost 6 months ago, however... I am still not working. I'm not proud of that, because I certainly could be out there applying all over the Valley where I live, but I simply am enjoying my time at home too much! My youngest daughter has a full-time mom for the first time, now that our 6 year old (well, 6 at the end of February) girl is in all day kindergarten and Jon is in second grade. I was also totally disheartened to discover just how out of control our home had gotten during the time I was so focused on and devoted to school.

Did I mention that I was also Student Council President? And a Recruitment Ambassador? Yeah, I tend to do things whole-hog, but still!

So, in a nutshell, I need to spend this time with Tash...

(I mean, really, could you leave this peanut if there was an alternative???),

and I am gonna use all my wiles, thrift and creativity to get this house and family as organized and "us" as possible.

So now you know- Still Crazy will be about:
1) Home, Decorating, & Re-creating, and
2) the beauty world, with family tidbits thrown in when I just can't resist.


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