Thursday, February 10, 2011


Kinda.  OK, not really.  The deal is, I hate doing laundry.  More specifically, I hate SORTING laundry.  This was not the epiphany.  :)
I figured it out- I hate sorting ‘cause THERE IS NOOO ROOM TO DO IT!  I have a rather large laundry room, and when we moved in, I thought it was heaven.  That was 3 kids ago, and I have run out of room for the 5 sorting baskets for clean clothes, 3 baskets for dirty, and piles for linens, bedding and towels.  
Side note:  Occasionally, if I have really been on a “sorting strike”, dear D will step in and do a bunch (probably because he needs clean uniform pieces, or, God forbid, underthings).  I love this man, and I don’t know what I ever did to deserve him, but he really has a blindness about the girls’ clothes, and he sorts them into a single massive pile.  Instantly, my gratitude dries up, and I just work through the pile and re-do his work. Hate, hate, hate, sorting!

(This is my delightful sorting table, in the far dark corner of the basement laundry. That's two loads of laundry, waiting to be rescued sorted.)

I’ve got reno’s going in several rooms right now, works in progress of varying degrees.  Some are worth showing you, some are not, and some are just clouds in my coffee, but I’m telling you- the Laundry Situation (oh yeah, CAPITAL letters, this is serious) has come to a head, and the laundry project has just moved WAAAAYY up in priority.  Fair warning, people.  Tomorrow may bring snaps of the horror that is... The Laundry Room!

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