Thursday, February 24, 2011

Progress, Progress!

Progress Update

OMGoodness!  I painted for 7 hours straight!  Then N was home from school and we went shopping for a fun, fluffy rug, but struck out.  My favorite MIL sent a waaay generous birthday check for N, and she wants to invest in a rug.  What can I say?  She’s a smart cookie!  However, and this is a HUUUGE secret, I am cheap!  :)       So, the search will go on until we find something beautiful that won’t use up all of her gift.  Fortunately, she is just excited for the big reveal tomorrow, and wasn’t at all upset by our lack of success tonight. 
Anyway, there will be no more book discussion today, because after dinner tonight I have to set up my home salon to be ready for an early client (friend) tomorrow.  I’m pretty excited about that, because dear D will take li’l T out to avoid what he calls “hair fumes”, so J and I can just drink coffee and chat while she processes.  Yay for girl time (and the cookies she just happens to be bringing)!
This is what I started on this morning...
I'd like to pretend the mess is just because of the chaos of painting...

Look at all that horrid fake oak panelling!
It's actually an obscene orangish color.  The camera was kind

And that ridiculous chair!  
Purchased for $2 about 3 years ago.  D says, "It was a nice rental." got donated about 30 minutes after the picture was taken.  D actually took 2 whole pickup loads to donate, and there’s still not a significant dent. 
Now, we have color!  Jamaican Sea (510B-5) from Behr, to be exact.  D chose it, since I was leaning toward a wishy-washy pale aqua, and I’m pleased to say how wrong I was!  Every once in a while, I guess Father DOES know best!

That's the patio door to the screened porch...

With the paneling painted out, this wall looks better already.  The rest of the woodwork will get white shortly, but there’s just not enough time to get it done for tomorrow.
Wow, what a mess!

This little mirror was all of 45 cents at the Thrift, and I picked it up months ago, knowing I would use it in N’s room eventually.
This is just the first coat.  It WILL get better!
It was a really strange shade of pinky red, but a little Glidden Orchid Blush (GLV05) is taking care of that.  I’ll be using the Orchid as well as a couple of other colors as accents throughout the room, but, God willing, that is for tomorrow’s post!
Tomorrow will be packed, with all my personalities on display...
  • Cosmetologist in the early am
  • Painter in the late am
  • House cleaner by afternoon
  • Room stylist/stager by late afternoon
  • Hostess and proud Mama in the evening

Have a great night, everyone!  Talk to you tomorrow...

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