Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pinkeye, and another delay...


Today started early, since it was my personal deadline for getting invitations for N’s 6th birthday party out.  Up and at my desk by 6:30, filling out the remaining invites and writing up details for the parents, etc...  I had just finished printing and was turning to the paper cutter when I caught my first morning’s glimpse of the (almost) birthday girl - 

poor baby!

Yesterday when I picked her up from school, her incredibly prescient kindergarten teacher said, “I’d keep an eye on that eye”.  It was barely pink then, but that lady knows her stuff!  By this morning, one eye was stuck shut, and there were deep red circles under both. 
This is the first day of school she’s ever missed, never even been tardy - I actually thought she’d be upset when I told her she had to stay home and go to the doctor.  Really, not so much.  It doesn’t help that our pediatrician is amazingly cool...  a visit to her is like going to a friend’s house, even when there are shots involved.  Dr. Jen just knows how to make things OK. 
Natalia is my sweet, sweet girl... she knows how to snuggle up and just be with me, in a way the others don’t get.  It was a nice day with her and Tasha, but it totally derailed my intentions regarding her room redo.  Hard to start on a surprise when the girl is cuddled up on your lap!

Pure sweetness...

So, the surprise is...   shhhhhhhh, she has no idea.......
I’m moving her to a new room altogether; what was formerly our guest bedroom will eventually be hers.  D and I are currently “discussing” this, but I know I’m right, so it WILL come true, even if it takes some convincing on my part.  2
See, the deal is, N is in a main floor room, with patio doors that access our screened porch.  She is directly across from our so-called master room, but it is also the “toy” room, and has a TV that the kids are allowed to use only to play DVD’s and (old school, I know) VHS tapes.  Basically, it’s only HER room at bedtime, and if the other kids have made a mess, she has to deal with it.  Plus, it seems to have been designed as a family room, so there is nothing approximating a closet.
So what's the issue?
The guest room is in the basement.  D is afraid that she will feel like she’s being punished, like we’re sticking the middle child in the cellar, but she just really wants a space all her own.  Please sound off if you have any insights or thoughts we should consider...

Anyway, the idea is this... the room in question is used so seldom that I could completely redo it without her knowledge, and have a true surprise/reveal.  Regardless of WHICH room we end up in, these are some of our inspirations... 

LOVE THOSE COLORS!  Courtesy of Bella Seven (on

This is the EXACT color for the walls, Mom! ~ Natalia

COOL BLUES AND WISTERIA MIGHT BE NICE...     Courtesy of Tammy Robillard (on

She's a very stripey girl... this is her duvet cover

Wall art from Hobby Lobby which sums up her philosophy on life quite nicely!  Luv those groovy flowers~
I have a funky desk/vanity for the space, newly done nightstands and accessories, but the room I want her in has a massive fabric-covered cork board, and it's currently covered in black burlap.  I can't even imagine how long it's been there - it is certifiably grody.  Ditto the built-in corner desk, which is painted black. (I see a bedroom and I want to paint it black... sing it, Mick!)  A bright colored fabric to cover that board, framed out nicely, and a new paint job on that desk top (I can literally hear it crying out to be stenciled!), and this room could be FABULOUS! 

FYI:  Fabulous is li'l T's new favorite word.

So, incredibly long story shortened... today I was going to indulge in some fabric shopping.  Instead, I had a doctor visit, a pharmacy run, and, oh, yeah, lots of wonderful, wonderful cuddle time.  Well, what's a one day delay in the grand scheme?

Friday tomorrow, maybe I'll finally get to those pics from the dungeon laundry room...

'Til then, 


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