Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A task (almost) completed!


All but the last .5% are up - those are the ones I’ll have to custom cut, and I’ve pretty much burned out on doing that in the confined space of the bathroom.  
Up at the ceiling, and in the right corner.  Stupid sloping ceilings!

I never appreciated how truly grody ceramic dust can be if you let it permeate your pores, get up your nose, into your hair or, worst of all, into your mouth - because then you taste and feel the grit for what seems like hours.  

This is after cutting only 4 tiles.

The coolest thing about cutting tiles?  That I can totally do it!  By myself!  And I appear to be better at it than D :)
Does anyone else have one of these? 

It’s a Rotozip, and it made the tiling so much easier.  (I am blessed to have a honey that loves tools of all sorts - if we don’t already have one, all I have to do is show D what I can accomplish with it, and it will fairly quickly come to the Crazy House!)  I honestly would have done this YEARS ago if I had known how easy and rewarding it would be...  I always figured I had to have hubby around to do the the cutting - I wrote off my own capacity to learn!  
Now I find that I’m eager to try all sorts of things.  I can’t wait to start cutting the trim that I found for $3 at the Habitat ReStore down the road... 
$3 (for the whole 20+ feet!)  Gonna be painted... perfect!

Click here to find your own!
I’ve always enjoyed mitre cutting, figuring the angles and stuff, so this will be an adventure!  Like most older homes, there is not a single square portion of this house.  And, since we now have one of these handy-dandy tools --->
I can be pretty cavalier about how easy I’ve got it!
(Once again, “Thank You, D!”)

So, I've gone from this...

to this.  :)

Even though there is so much yet to do, (um, ceiling?) I am loving each little bit I get done.  As I work my way through these very necessary steps, though, I find my "to-do" pile growing exponentially.  
Look at all that potential!!!

Anyone else have a pile of makeovers waiting to happen or partially completed?

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Your reward for coming along with me today is some eye candy...

Li'l T with her new baby sister, Sake!  Aren't they beautiful?

Enough for tonight.  Gotta put the kiddo diddos to bed, and catch up on some Jodi Picoult  :)

G'night, all!


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~KS said...

Which Jodi book are you reading?!?! I JUST started her newest book- Sing You Home. As always, like a drug. I love it, can't get enough...

And how is T that big already?!?!?!!? And the pup? Beyond adorable. I must stop by soon... I have been away too long.