Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our new puppy, Sakura!

What a Wonderful Wednesday!
As promised, more pics & info about the newest addition to the Crazy House...  Her name isSakura - it means “cherry blossom” in Japanese.  
One of my absolute favorites...  mmmmmm.

I have a thing for flowers names, so we considered Daffodil (Daffy), Zinnia (Zinnie), Rose, and Amantha, among many others.  We’ll probably mostly call her Sake (mmmm, plum wine!), or maybe Socks.  She doesn’t answer to anything yet, so we’ll see what sticks.
I found her through PetFinder, after doing an online search for “adoptable dogs”.  I put in our zip code and how far we were willing to travel for our new baby, and what size (medium) we were looking for.  You can also narrow the search by breed, age, and sex, but we didn’t really care, as long as there was a lot of life left in him or her.  It’s amazing and kind of sad how many there were to choose from, but this little lady and one other kept bringing me back.  When we got to the shelter on Saturday, Trinity (as she was called there) was right in the front room, on display with her littermates.

Tyler, Trinity (Now Sake), and Tristen

Here’s her mama... she doesn’t like many men, so she’s kept in her kennel when it’s busy at the shelter. She’s very sweet, but shy.

I kind of wish we could have brought Mama home, too  :(
Could they BE any cuter?  It made the choice even tougher, but we took turns holding all three, and Saki-to-be just melted with all of us.  Natalia in particular bonded right away, which made leaving OUR new pup behind very hard.  I don't know what we would have done if for some reason we hadn't been approved!  The screening process is very thorough, and we had to wait thru Sunday, while they did their checks, and Monday, when they are closed for their one day of rest.  Tuesday was the day we got to bring her home! 

Just outside our back door - poor baby hasn't been outside before!
For her first night, she did really well.  There were only a few episodes of crying throughout the night, even though she had to sleep in the ucky, yucky bathroom!
I CANNOT wait to get this room done!

Today she went with D and the kids on their walk to school, and I really don’t think she was impressed with the snow (another 5 inches today, are you kidding???).
Poor freezy baby!
She was soaked and shivering when she came in, so I dried her and put her back into the Snuggie that the shelter sent her home in.  
The camera loves her!
Confession:  I thought the Snuggie was ridiculous, until I saw how comfy she is in it, and what a difference it makes for her.  My bad!

The shelter that saved Sake and her family takes in animals from all over the country; they're a no-kill, so they will bring animals that are close to timing out in other shelters to the Valley in order to give them a second Chance.  They would welcome any donations...  (hint, hint, wink, wink).  I know where all our blankets and towels will be donated from now on  : )

Click here to find out more!

Now, today is my anniversary with the amazing man (9 years!), and we're going to spend the day together - maybe working, maybe playing, but no matter what, together.  It would be a little better if he weren't only home due to an ear infection that's keeping him grounded, but I'll take him however I can get him!

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