Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poor, poor, pitiful bed

Wonderful Wednesday
It’ll be my first real salvage project.  I noticed this bed a week or so ago, but passed it by.  
What are those strange pieces of trim in the lower corners???
When I arrived this morning, though, I saw it with a fresh eye.  Yes, it’s a pitiful mess, and there’s a fair chance that I can’t resuscitate it.  However, I have been looking at the Farmhouse beds from Ana White and considering whether D and I should attempt one of them when (if?) spring finally arrives.  We have a queen in the “master” (if you could see how pathetic our room is, you would understand the quotation marks...), so this will go into our guest room.  The frame in there was a supercheap catalogue buy from 1994, and it leans inwards toward whoever has to risk sleeping on the bed.  To be fair, it has always done that, and never actually collapsed, but it’s time for something new.  Besides, the decor in that room is definitely of the country vibe, with big red cabbage roses...  Once this bed is redone, I will have the excuse to repaint the walls!  That room hasn’t been painted since we moved in.
Besides the bed (headboard, footboard, rails and slats) for $3, I got 
Yay, organization!
...several pieces of covered wire storage to help in the battle against pantry clutter, a half-sized Rubbermaid liquid storage for when the milk is so low I can’t justify the gallon container taking up space, a(nother) Tinkerbell puzzle, and a book/supplies for “79 Amazing Experiments”.  I may regret that last one!
There was also an oval tin bucket that will be redecorated shortly, a gorgeous baby blue corduroy jacket for the bigger of my blue-eyed girls (one of Mom’s freebies, since she was one short in her own cart), and 3 new pieces for my own wardrobe.  
As if I need them... but they're so purdy!
Is anyone else out there in love with cableknit this season?  I am so weird about what fixates me at any given time!
My total was $9.48.  That’s a really good day, especially since I blew through a bunch of cash this morning at Walmart, restocking cleaning supplies and sundries.  I did use coupons from the Sunday paper - something I have been meaning to get back into doing on a regular basis.  Between price matching sales from other stores and the coupons, I saved about $18!  Next time I buy the more costly but waaay more delicious Caribou Coffee, I can justify it with my savings this morning.  ;)
Mmmmmm... Caribou!  (PLEASE open one in Appleton!!)

Has anyone else caught any great deals lately?  I’ve been planning to try the much-lauded CVS coupon/freebucks system, but haven’t gotten there yet.  
Thank you to all my readers - it’s fun to look at comments and pageviews and realize that I’m NOT just talking to myself every time I post.  I’m trying something a li'l different tomorrow; we’ll see if it’s something worth doing regularly based on your feedback.  ‘Til then...

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Sundries. Now there's a word that should be used more often.