Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gardening and an amazing tip ;)

Playin’ in the dirt

Saturday was pretty productive, in a dirty hands, weed-ridding sort of way.  In between bouts with my naughty children, I weeded the “kids’ section” of the flower bed (where my girls always help select the annuals that will go there, and then help plant them),

thinned out a TON of shasta daisies, echinacea (coneflower), and monarda (bee balm) for giving away.  I also found a mound of chives right in the middle of the bed that will probably find its way to my mom’s house before a week is over.  I dug out several yukka plants that were invading the center of my space, and a whole lot of stinky catmint.  

The past owners actually planted that on purpose, and it spreads like wildfire.  I HATE it, mostly because the smell made me nauseous all through my last two pregnancies.
I got a good start on my two standing planters, 

but I’m still searching for a couple of specific accent plants that will tie them together and put in the “ooooh” factor.
Cuphea "Cha Cha"

Cuphea "Tango"

I have three hanging planters that I’d love to be working on, but the shade plants seem to have been delayed at all the nurseries locally.  I guess that’s a sign that I’m supposed to keep my focus on the sunny patches for now.
I put in more seed today, too.  I have the dismalist luck (oh, yeah, I just made a word up) when it comes to seed, but every year I try again.  This year, I have been encouraged by two types of seed already showing some life:
Oat Grass


If they’re gonna pop at all, the tomatoes should be sprouting any day now, too.  My family eats sooo many tomatoes and peppers

18 plants, if they all make it!

that it definitely makes sense to grow them ourselves, and if we can finally develop a seedling program that works, we’ll save the investment we make each year on the potted plants. 16 tomato plants and 8 pepper plants at $4 a pop ($96!), plus all the random veggies we can fit into our little spot, can add up really quickly.  I love the idea of spending $5 for the seeds and moving on from there!
If you are a gardener, I hope you wear gloves while you work.  I don’t, because I’m dumb.  Well, that and I really hate the way they feel.  I pay for that with exceedingly dry and old-looking hands, not to mention the “I’m to busy to bathe” look that dirt crusted fingernails and cuticles can give a girl.  Here, then, is my tip for all of you to take with you.
An Amazing Gardener’s Thrifty Tip

Um, that was sarcasm, people!

Use any hair conditioner you have around the house (I use whatever I’ve gotten tired of, or whose smell I didn’t like) and put it on a wet nail brush. 

Instead of washing hands with soap, scrub them with the conditioned brush, which will still get the dirt off, but will actually moisturize while doing so.  You can also use the conditioner directly on your hands after cleansing, to soften them.  It’s a great shaving cream, too.
Another great way to use up a product that might not impress you with its intended purpose...  eye creams that are ineffective or that you just don’t like for whatever reason are GREAT as a lip plumper and revitalizer.  Before bed, tap the eye cream onto clean lips, and keep applying until no more will absorb.  Since it’s not intended for lips, it probably won’t taste good, so add a topcoat of something waxy, like Chapstick. Eye creams are made to draw and hold moisture where they are applied, and a lot of them contain top end ingredients that can be really beneficial to your pucker. Products formulated for the eye area are stringently tested, and are safe for application anywhere on the face, although ingestion is a whole ‘nother story, so don’t lick your lips!  In the morning, all you’ll have to do is enjoy your rehydrated smile.  :)
All righty then!  A new week and month tomorrow - everyone be safe, and love to all...

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Allison said...

We've been trying to get rid of several yukka's since we moved in 11 years ago. They simply refuse to be killed. All your hard work looks great! My thumbs are both completely black, can't grow a thing, I even killed a cactus once.