Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dreamin' of some warmer weather

Could it be???

It might finally be here!  No, not the vanity topper so that I can finish the bathroom, unfortunately. 
poor neglected thing! 

A pool, a water slide, and a snow board.  Welcome to Wisconsin.

Tulips!  These will get 4 feet tall and are just stunning.  I can't wait!

It actually stayed above freezing the last two days, and it looks good for today, too.  A little light rain is a-okay with me if it means that this dirty snow and the too-cold-to work temps are finally going away.  D is home for a couple of days, so we’re going to try to get something small done together, but his next break is almost a week long, so I’m making a list of projects for us.  I’m sure he’s just thrilled!  Honestly, though, I think he’s liking this side of me... the one who makes a plan and does it, and makes things happen around here.  I’m not so sure about the piles of “potential” and supplies that are accumulating!

Oh, the works in progress.  (((Sigh)))

This a beautiful little screened porch on the back of our home that hasn’t ever really been utilized the way it should.  It was one of the selling points of the house, with it’s skylights and ceiling fans.  What we didn’t know was that those same skylights had been installed by amateurs, and would leak every time there was a moderate to heavy rain, or a thaw in the cold weather.  We had the roof redone late this past autumn (hail damage, doncha know), and had the skylights removed, so NO MORE LEAKING!  This is important becasue D made me the solemn promise that we could get (or, better, MAKE) furniture for that area once the leaks were no more.  Ha!  That’s now!
I’ve got some ideas (of course!)  I want deep seating, but Honey is a fan of eating outside, so I want to find a way to compromise.  I’ll also be doing hair on the porch once it’s genuinely warm.  What an awesome way to spend the day!
Here are some of my inspirations:
I want sectional seating for comfort and play time (kid and adult!), 



but I’d love to also have a simple dining table that we could pull up to the sectional and make it into a banquette for dinner parties.  

I love these styles but there isn’t anything in our price range that is both elegant and in the right colors.  Besides, I am seriously itching to make my own, with plans from Ana White.  
Outdoor Sectional Plan

If you don’t know about Ana White, you have to give her a look.  Her designs are amazing, and amazingly well thought out for a beginner-type woodworker.  Also, totally customizable!  Visit her new site and show her some love!

I simply must have creative control over my projects!  My friend J says that I may just have a li’l OCD goin’ on, which makes dear D laugh ‘til tea comes out his nose.  A slob with OCD - I guess it could happen...
Now, about the floor.  The poor mistreated, paint splattered and stained floor...


I'm all about stripes.  With that beautiful diagonal, wouldn't one of these be awesome?



I'm favoring the green, probably just because it's, you know, green.  I could swap out the multi tonal look with greens, though.

And then there would have to be some curtains, of course.

Ballard = $$$

Drop cloth, obviously.  These from Ballard are WAY out of the realm of possibility.  We don't need them to block the sun, as the back is shaded by an enormous old maple, but a little wind/drizzle protection would be delightful.  Also, they're purdy!

What do you think?  Put together these components, add some mood lighting and a zillion candles, etc...  Would you come to dinner?  Does it look comfy?  Please comment away; I’d love suggestions or observations from y’all!

All right!  That's the dream, anyway.  Please give me some feedback - I love to hear from you!


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