Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ranting and a rave

Well, hello!  I wish I had an excuse for not showing up for the past bunch of days, but it’d be pretty sketchy, so I won’t bother.  Mostly, I’ve been playing house with Honey whenever he’s home, and trying to put things in order.  
Sadly, there has been NO progress on the bathroom vanity, and I can now officially say that I am pi$$ed about their total lack of customer service skills.  No less than 6 times, the same woman has told me that she would just check on some details and call me right back.  She has NEVER called me back.  Not. once. 

If we weren’t in such a bind, having chosen colors, accessories, etc that would coordinate with the particular countertop that we selected, I would sound off on her and tell her where she could direct deposit the order. 

Where did YOU think I meant?   LOL!  link

As it stands, I feel completely trapped, which is my personal Achilles heel.  I DO NOT handle the feeling of helplessness well, and I truly don’t know where to go from here. I’ve tried talking to other employees, and asked about a supervisor or manager, but apparently it’s such a small company that she is all of the above.  
Here’s where I find the only humor in this situation...  when the vanity arrived, I told her that I write a small blog and asked permission to write about the company and our experience.  She said something to the effect that “any publicity is good publicity” and gave total permission.  Now, I’m not sure I have the cojones to put this all out there with her details, but I sure like knowing that I can if I decide to!  :)  I’m not sure I’m in agreement with her assessment of free publicity!
Hm hmmm...  RANT OVER!  Sorry ‘bout that - just so frustrated!
Now, raving on a happier note, we are hosting an Easter egg hunt on the Saturday of Easter weekend.  
I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than even the kids - If everyone on the list comes, we will have 20 kids running amok, searching for goodies in our yard!  I’m busy planning for the eggs and other treats for the kids, and I’m serving hot sticky buns
recipe link
and (maybe adult) beverages for their parents.  
Danish Mary with Celery Ice

Later that evening, most of the adults be going to one of our local comedy clubs to indulge in some stress-relieving laughter, as I “won” a bunch of tickets.  They do that to fill the empty seats, I’m sure.  :)
For the kiddies, I’m planning on a Bunny Hop sack race, a spoon egg relay, and an egg roll.  My biggest challenge has been figuring out prizes, because who knows the sex or age of the winners!  I’m trying to channel my inner psychic. :)
Yes, my inner psychic looks like a red-headed Kate Moss.  link
Now, tomorrow is Palm Sunday, and I haven’t gotten my Easter vignette put together yet!  I also have a Good Friday item that I will show you tomorrow, so it should be all about the pretty and no more of my ugliness expressed in rant form.
Here’s hoping that your weekend is wonderful and warm, especially as we are having yet more snow/sleet/freezing rain here.  Thank goodness for the forsythia I forced - it lets me imagine that there really might be a springtime!  I'll leave you with their beauty...


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