Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where've I been?

Catching up, on everything

Four days since I posted...  so much and yet so little has gone on!  We had our first really nice weather

Beautiful blue skies and sunshine...

and our first really dramatic spring weather.

All were taken from our backyard in a space of 2-3 minutes.  It was a phenomenal lightshow!

I've finished the tile in the bathroom (YAY, me!)  I've badgered the company that messed up the vanity top into producing one (yay, again!), although there will be no sidesplashes in the foreseeable future.  They also may or may not come up with the toekick and side filler pieces that were ordered so long ago. Strange how my expectations keep lowering, and smaller and smaller accomplishments are making me happy!

Today we rented a Rug Doctor to clean up the carpet in the living room (the only carpeted room in the house), and I made a discovery.  There were several stubborn spots that have been around as long as we've had the house, and have never done more than slightly fade with cleaning.  SO, anyway, in desperation this afternoon, I sprayed my laundry go-to 
Shout Advanced Gel

on the wickedest spots, let it sit for just a couple of minutes, and went back over with the Doc, and VOILA!  Out they went, and I'm so happy!
Clean carpet, cute husband, crazy messed up room

Y'all know I thrift like crazy, and while I'm pretty choosy about clothes, I have found that with Shout, I can almost always (almost) get out small stains that may have been there for a long time, and have a totally mysterious origin.  This stuff is AWESOME!

We've also been working on a bunch of other items on the now ever-present choreboard.  

Anyone else notice that "Laundry" never gets moved from the top of the list?  Doesn't matter how much I get through, there is always a ton more :(

In the quiet moments (ha ha), I have been working on some pretties, and here are a few peeks into those.

Slowly but surely we are making progress, and I hope to have a more interesting and crafty post for you tomorrow.  Everyone have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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Lynnette said...

Thanks for the Shout tip! Time for us to rent the old Rug Doctor too--ugh.